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Using Patent Marks to Identify Country of Origin


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A great many clocks are not marked with any patent numbers at all. If you are lucky enought to find some markings here are some generalizations that can help determine the country of origin. A word of caution! Many clockmakers used imported movements in their clocks. Some companies used clock cases from one source and movements from another simply assembling the parts rather than making them. A movement's markings may not determine the country where the clock was assembled in its final form and sold (as in the case of an American clock fitted with an imported German movement, or a French movement in an English clock, etc.)

United States
Use the United States Patent and Trademark Database

Patented June 13, 1865
Pat. #2354167

American patent numbers are usually associated with a date and/or a number with the “#” sign or just the abbreviation "pat.


D.R.P. or D.R.

Ges. Gesch.

Ges. Mbh

West Germany

DRP is the German abbreviation for Deutsches Reich Patent. Older German items are often marked "D.R.P." or "DR".
Ges. Gesch.: abbreviated form of Gesetzlich Geschutzt: legally protected, patented, copyrighted
Ges. Mbh: means "company" or "corporation"
Gebruder: means "brothers" as in Gebruders Resch ("Resch Brothers")
Fabrikmarke: means "factory mark
West Germany: used from 1948-1991

Use the
French Trademark Database

Brevet or Brevete

Cie or Compagnie
Modele Déposé
Marque Déposé
Marque de Fabrique
Décore a la main

Brevet or Brevete is French for "patent" or "patented." Remember, it is NOT the maker's name!
Cie or Compagnie means "company."
Déposé means "registered"
Modele Déposé means "registered design"
Marque Déposé means "trademark"
Marque de Fabrique means "trademark."
Décore a la main
means "hand decorated."
Bté. SGDG is the abbreviation for Breveté Sans Garantie du Gouvernement which means "Patented Without State Guarantee."



Brevetti means "patent" in Italian. Remember, it is NOT the maker's name.


PATENT +223450

Swiss items are usually marked with a cross, as in PATENT + 223450


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